Monday, 4 December 2017

Settling In

Settling In

Reading those comments, from both adults and children, helped me enormously. I needed that encouragement.
Now a kind of routine is getting established and I feel accepted There has still been no contact from the second hospice and I need to follow that up, but, for now, I am happy to concentrate on just one venue while I continue to learn about storytelling for this mixed audience – and it means the money
I raised can last a bit longer.
As well as the big storybasket, which gets more crowded every time as I discover new stories to add, I bought a beautiful steel tongue-drum just because I love the sound it makes and I have a feeling it will prove useful. But it is heavy and struggling from the carpark with the basket, drum and two dogs was proving difficult – so I searched online and found a lovely little prairie wagon that is just the right size to fit in the car. It can carry everything, including a case of my books and cds.

Memorable Moments

·         A teenage boy in a wheelchair, seemingly with little ability to communicate, suddenly leant forward and laughed at a story. He remained sitting forward and listening for a whole hour.
·         After one session a girl was carried in. She seemed to me to
 be about the size of a five year old, but she was as floppy as
a rag doll – and she was distinctly unhappy.  Stories would clearly not work in this case, so I brought out the tongue drum.
 I am no musician and had never played anything for an audience before, but I started to improvise. As soon as the
first beautiful note rang out the child smiled and relaxed. She stayed relaxed while I played for 45 minutes.
·         A small boy gave me a lecture on how the tongue-drum works, and why it sounds so much better when it is sitting on its cushion rather than the usual rope-ring.
·         Another Sensory Week group of immobile teenagers in wheelchairs. One girl suddenly looked at me and began to stare at my face. She continued that focussed stare for the whole session.

Money Matters

The money I raised will run out before too long. I have been trying to get grants and sponsorship with little success. Some generous individuals have given donations – and, if you are reading this, I thank you. You have added another 3 months to this project!

The charities I have approached all say that I am doing good work, but it just doesn’t fit their remit. Potential individual sponsors either have their own charities and so make the same response – or else they simply don’t bother to reply. I can understand – they must get so many requests for money – but it is disheartening. In the New Year I will probably have to go back to CrowdFunder. Last time I was just a beginner – next time I will have a clearer idea of how the system works and all this information to demonstrate just how valuable this project is. I would hate to have to stop simply because I can’t afford the petrol.